Rogue Paper

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Rogue Paper is a MFA group project from Richard Wyckoff’s Game Studio IV class.

In the game, Charles and Lily – two rejected comic book drawings about to be destroyed in a furnace – come to life and battle other unfinished and tossed away sketches as they make their escape from annihilation.

The players take control of Charles and Lily with the goal to find a way to reunite with their creator, comic artist Jacob. The players have to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies whether by themselves or cooperatively with each other.

Both the players and the enemies are moving across a grid. Once they meet, they start a battle by using assigned cards as weapons.

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Rogue Paper features:

Role-playing simulation with a unique art style.
Players can replace their playing card by picking up a different one from the level.
Fast paced decision making: think fast, act fast! Test your strategic thinking skills.
Coop mode.
Two button controls per player.



Here are photos of MFA students testing their game on an Android tablet.


The students are Omar Ahmedien, I-Cheih Shen (Kurtis), Ohoud Ali (Toota), Yufei Zhao, Zheng Qin, and Ziyi Zou (Zoe).