On the weekend of June 11th NYFA’s second year game design students went out to downtown Burbank to see the newest Hollywood adaptation of a video game: The Warcraft movie.

Here in the US the movie has been met with a less than ideal critical reception, and has left fans feeling that Hollywood has once again let down an incredible video game franchise. In China, however, the fans feel very different. The film grossed $156m in its first five days in chinese theatres compared to a paltry 24.4m here is the US. Enough to perhaps warrant a sequel, a move that would further validate the overseas market and audience. Meaning american studios and directors are not limited to making films for american audiences but can target them for international crowds.



Here at NYFA Games it is incredible hard to find a student or faculty member that does not have strong opinion on horde vs alliance (I mean obviously horde right?). But the movie was met with less enthusiasm as one student put it, “It made sense to me because I am a huge fan, but it if I hadn’t I would have been lost”

NYFA’s ties to this film are stronger than just audience members and fans. NYFA’s Associate Chair of Game Design, Matt Galuppo, worked on the film as a previs mocap artist. He worked on the opening scenes of the film under the supervision of the legendary Bill Westenhofer. “Everyone’s passion on the project was incredible the whole previs team were fans and knew the lore incredibly well.”

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