Klaus is the story of an office worker who wakes in his basement with no recollection of who or where he is. The only clue is the word “Klaus” tattooed on his arm — forcing him to find his way out of the mechanical and constructivist world that he finds himself imprisoned in. It his search for these answers of where and who that lead him to the larger question, Why?

During the course of the journey, Klaus encounters a second playable character – K1, a friendly brute who has been damaged by his prolonged imprisonment. Together the two embark on an existentially definitive journey that explores the idea of the 4th wall and a self-awareness of the player playing the game. Will Klaus discover his truth? Will he find a way out?

Klaus is a 2D platformer, with two playable characters, Boss fights and interactive environments. The focus of the gameplay is on tight controls, environmental puzzles, exploration and a complex yet accessible interaction of the player with not only the characters, but also movement and rotation of objects, jump pads, platforms etc. The game is designed for the PS4 and uses the touch pad as an integral part of the gameplay.

Klaus was awarded the 2012 Square Enix Excellence Prize and was showcased at the PS Dev Summit 2014 where it received welcome attention for its unique approach and narrative techniques.

Klaus was featured on the PlayStation blog, as well as HardcoreGamerGeekBinge.

Klaus was released for the Sony Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita platforms. For more information, visit www.klausgame.com.

Klaus was created by Victor Velasco, Aleksandar Cuk and Kshitij Bal.




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