Aneko has crashed landed on a mysterious planet. It is soon made clear that there are other creatures that live here and they are not the friendly type. You must quickly make your way through the harsh environment and find pieces of your spaceship that have been scattered all across the planet. Find your missing parts and make it back to your spaceship and get off of this planet.

Enter a world filled with adventure. Players will help Aneko navigate through the rough terrain to gather pieces of his spaceship needed to take off. But be careful, there are enemies of varying sizes and strengths. Players will be able to tap into Aneko’s power of telekinesis to lift large rocks that can be used to defeat certain enemies and give you a boost to reach high ledges. Solve puzzles and enter mysterious doorways that will lead to other parts of the environment. The world is big and the journey is long. Can you make it through or will you be forever trapped on this planet.

Credits: Yusuke Kawashima, Fabio Ribak, Grace Ogwo, Grettir Olafsson, Santosh Peri, Hetian Wang, Adam Reilly