The Monkey’s Journey is a story-telling 2D card game, based on the ancient Chinese legendary novel “Journey To The West”. Players play as Wukong – “the incredible monkey king” who was born from a magic stone. Players choose “Yes” or “No” in order to shape the story, influence its identity and the length of its journey. The player’s choices will lead to different endings.

According to the legend in ancient China, there are Five forces that symbolize the five elements: deities (wood), buddhas (water), demons (fire), monsters (metal) and humans (earth). All these beings live within their own groups, trapped by the conflicts of their desires and will eventually die. Only those who become Buddha can escape the cycle of reincarnation and become immortal.

Wukong is a special monkey born from a stone that contains the spiritual essence of the sky and earth. It is totally free and does not belong to any force of the world. It has great power to do both good and evil, making its own judgements of others, interacting with each force during its life. Just like its most well-known skill, the “Seventy-two Transformations”, Wukong pursues independent freedom and brings change to the world.


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