In a galaxy where crime is rampant and threatening innocent lives, only you, a Galactic Patrol pilot, stands against this galactic threat. Pilot the legendary patrol ship “Sigma” and combat the criminals with its advance weaponry and shield system. Blast your way past waves of enemies using bullets, rockets and lasers. Stand strong against various forms of enemies using a multitude of formations, patterns and weapons.

Change the tide of battle with up to three helpful power-ups. Survive against challenging multi-phase bosses with low chance of survivability. Compete with others and earn bragging rights on a local leaderboard. Game features detailed 3D models and a rocking soundtrack.

Galactic Patrol Sigma (GPS) is a top down shooter featuring a rock-paper-scissors styled combat system.  Your weapon type determines your offensive and defensive capabilities. Use the appropriate weapon type to deal maximum damage, and at the same time take less damage from your enemies. GPS is for PC and mobile devices and inspired by shoot ‘em up games from the arcades of the 80s and 90s.

Be prepared for an epic ride with the fate of the galaxy resting in your hands!


Created by: Adam Reilly (instructor), Jeremy Diamond (TA), Hasan Cheikhali, Maresh Escoffery, Junliang Zhang, Cody Fowler, Yue Kei Lee, Brian Leung