Cloud Falls Screenshot_Thumbnail

This is Cloud Falls. It was created by Adam Reilly‘s 3D Game Design class. The student creators are Yimeng Du (Emo), Yuanyuan Zhu (Haley), Anand Menon, Junliang Zhang (Scott), Edward Penn, Hasan Cheikhali, Maresh Escoffery, Chad Robinson, and I-Chieh Shen (Kurtis).

The player begins as Anna, as a committed patient in the Cloud Falls Hospital. Anna wakes up in her room and finds a note telling her to run.

This game should play in your browser. If it does not, see our Troubleshooting Unity page.

YOU MUST ENTER FULLSCREEN TO START THIS GAME. (Right click the unity player window and select Enter Fullscreen)


E – Lean Right

Q – Lean Left

F – Switch Flashlight On/Off

Esc – Pause Game

Shift – Interactive With (Left Shift)

W – Move Forwards

S – Move Backwards

D – Move Right

A – Move Left

Mouse – Look Sensitivity (Vertical & Horizontal)/ Menu Interaction/ Throw Items (Left Click)