Fetch Through Time is a 2-D platform runner,  featuring a time-traveling alien dog named Bog. During the daily worship of the Sacred Bone, an evil Jellian named Gob, causes Bog to accidentally destroy the Sacred Bone. Because of this, the fragments of the sacred bone were scattered through time and space. Bounce your way through time collecting the fragments of the Sacred Bone before Gob finds them first. Use your time collar to send both enemies and obstacles forward or backwards in time.


This game should play in your browser. If it does not, see our Troubleshooting Unity page.


This game was created in Bryan Jaycox‘s Game Studio I class. The student creators were Cody Fowler, Guillermo Quesada Paez, Drew Fletcher, Asim Reza, Jeffrey Lay, Junliang “Scott” Zhang, and Ali Mattar.





Space bar – accelerate downwards and bounce

Mouse (left click and drag mouse downwards): send object back in time